Belgian Street Artist Mehsos hits Berlin the first time – Photos and Report by Street Art Berlin

Mehsos is a Belgium based street artist who has his roots deep in the graffiti scene for about 10 years. Since few years he searches for new ways to express himself with spraycans and started what he calls „an evolution of style“: Painting faces consisting of emotions.

But Mehsos does not paint the face as itself – his aim is always to  send only the emotion out to the recipients and the face is just the medium to transmit it.  Because of that Mehsos often uses human and animal faces as modells to source from.  In his opinion animals have and show stronger emotions as humans. Humans are always limited by the rules of the society – animals aren´t. For giving the hint to his very specific style he uses some kind of deconstructivism. In the end the face is never real.

So Mehsos paints his emotion portraits all over the world. During his last big tournee through Europe he also stopped in Berlin. We were proud to find him a wall and support him while he painted his first mural ever in Germany.

It was amazing to see how the artpiece grows out of such a small range of colours. For travelling Mehsos uses always black, white and grey because it is easier to handle in foreign cities. Back home or for planned commissions he prefers strong colours like orange or blue in all their shades. For him the strong contrasts of the emotions he paints have also a link to the strong contrasts of the colours he normally uses.

In Berlin the paints with us an arc of the Urban Spree campus. See here some impressions of the first piece of Mehsos in Berlin:

Mehsos starting to paint


Work in progress


Details before finishing this artwork


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