Artbase 2019

Music! Summer! Art! Lost place!

A smooth wind blows through the long abandoned houses‘ empty corridors, while a warm and friendly summer sun gleams through the ailing cracks.

Inside the ruins, a conglomeration of crumbled-away-colour and breath-taking street art works decorate the walls. More than 150 internationally and world-wide famous urban art artists painted the old ruin’s numerous rooms and floors with their top-notch street art. Welcome to the artbase 2019, organised by go2know!

For the duration of three days, we transform an abandoned lunatic asylum close to Neustrelitz, north of Berlin, into a wild, romantic and colourful festival area.

There will be live-paintings and areas full of delicious, unique food and sweet gimmicks that were especially and exclusively designed for the festival.

In addition to these extraordinary attractions, a dreamy lake invites you to swim, camp and celebrate until the depth of the night.

With sun, good vibes and lightheartedness, the artbase festival reclaims open spaces and turns this summer into an unforgettable experience.


Alias (Berlin), L7Matrix (Paris), KoeOne (London), Tona (Hamburg), Michelle Hoogveld (U.S.), Papa Chango + Devita (Mexico), Zoon (Leipzig), SP-38 (Berlin), Nasca Uno (Berlin), Otto Schade, Cren, AkteOne, Mateu Targa (Barcelona), Caro Pepe (Agentinia), Age Age (Berlin), Disturbanity (Berlin), Haevi Styles (Berlin), Boing (Berlin), Rabea Senftenberg (Berlin), Tobo (Berlin), Ostup (Berlin), Sam Crew (Berlin), Angry Koala + HKDNS (Hamburg), Parisurteil, LAKE Oner … and many more!

Line-up outdoor floor:

Reggae-Ragga-Dancehall, Melodic House, Deep House, Live Bands (Party Tour, Spreefische, Winjy Lion & DLX, DJ Bloodhead, Bandulero Sound, Mystic Bo, Triple D, Selecta Mik)

Line-up indoor-floor 1:

Minimal and Tech House

Line-up indoor-floor 2:

Various singer-songwriters / sound installation




Where is the artbase festival?

The arbase 2019 takes place outside on the grounds and inside of an abandoned lunatic asylum close to Neustrelitz, north of Berlin. The exact location will be given to you after the booking process.

Is it easy to get to the festival area?

Yes! There is not only a direct train connection from Berlin, but also enough parking lots for cars. If you decide to come by train you sure contribute to a healthier environment and can easily purchase the Brandenburg-Ticket. If you decide for a car, consider offering vacant places to other festival-goers.

How much are the tickets?

Friday ticket: 29 EUR

Saturday ticket: 29 EUR

Sunday ticket: 20 EUR

3 days ticket: 69 EUR

3 days ticket (camping-edition): 79 EUR

Where can you purchase the ticket(s)?

Tickets for artbase are available as from now on, early bird tickets are available until 7th July – go and get them and celebrate the summer and the ART together with us!

You can purchase the tickets either on the artbase-festival’s website; facebook page or through Eventbrite.

Find the links here:


Any questions?

Don’t hesitate contacting the team here: hey@artbase-festival.com

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