Alice Pasquini

AliCé aka Alice Pasquini also 2015 new Streetart in Berlin

Beside the repairing and extending of her mural located in the heart of Berlin (our post here about Alice’s Mural), AliCé aka Alice Pasquini also left her footprints in form the little Streetart treasures inform of her graphic novels that we are used to see when she was in town. We are really happy that she came back and made Berlins Streetart scene a little richer and the streets of Berlins more beautiful again.

Alice Pasquin - Dog - Streetart in Berlin 2015


Alice Pasquin - Dog - Streetart Berlin 2015


Falling Close - Alice Pasquini Streetart in Berlin 2015Falling Girl - Alice Pasquini Streetart in Berlin 2015

Streetart by Alice Pasquini in Berlin 2015

Alice seemed to work more and more freehand style than stencil compared to her last stays to Berlin, the evolution of her as an Streetartist became clear visible, again. But she stayed true to her older works when it is about the motives she painted: young girls and of course the dog. Also the things that she painted stay similar to things that could need a little love: like house entrances that already looked pretty dirty and bombed with graffiti, trash bins or things that will be disappeared soon like telephone boxes.

Alice Pasquini Girl Streetart in Berlin 2015Alice Pasquini painting Streetart in Berlin 2015

Alice Pasquini - Telephone Box - Streetart Berlin in 2015

Another thing that has to be mentioned when we met Alice Pasquini this time is, that she was in cool company. Alice was with 2 friends: The Streetart lover and photographer: David Roose and the Streetartist UNO from Rome (more of him next time ;-)).

Alice Pasquini - Telephone Box - Streetart Berlin in 2015

By the way: Since the 6th of April AliCé is taking place in the „Urban Pott Print Show“ at 44309 Street // Art Gallery (also featuring Artists like Pure Evil, Emess, M-City, Blek le Rat, Mad C, Doppeldenk, Telmo and Miel)

AliCé aka Alice Pasquini’s Website 

AliCé aka Alice Pasquini’s Facebook

AliCé aka Alice Pasquini on Instagram

AliCé on Wikipedia (yes… WIKIPEDIA!)

Our Flickr Folders with some of her works in Berlin


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  1. dennis

    Wie ein Bekloppter habe ich diesen Mülleimer gesucht. Einmal bin ich daran vorbei gekommen und hatte keine Möglichkeit es abzulichten. Irgendwann bin ich dann wieder in den Görlitzer Park um es zu fotografieren. Ausschließlich. Am Ende hatte ich den den kompletten Park gecheckt aber die Stelle trotzdem nicht wieder gefunden. Meine ganz persönliche Geschichte zu dem Werk auf dem Mülleimer. Nicht weltbewegend aber ich wollte sie einfach mal erzählen. 🙂

  2. cb

    where in Berlin can we see it??? could we have street indication?

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