Wheel2wall exhibition

100 artists – 6 days – 1 goal: The charity exhibition Wheel2Wall

More than 100 skateboard decks designed by artists from around the world are shown in the exhibition Wheel2Wall at the end of October in Berlin. The parallel
sale of the boards via the crowdfunding platform Startnext aims to raise funds for the construction of a skate park for the street kids of San Luis.

Some 120 uniquely designed skateboard decks can be found at the charity exhibition Wheel2Wall from October 26th to 31st 2017 in the Neurotitan in
Berlin Mitte. The exhibition is accompanied by numerous activities such as spray and sketch battles as well as live paintings.

Over a hundred artists from all over the world have donated their pieces to finance the construction of a skate park for the street children of San Luis.
Next to many other goodies, the skateboard decks can be acquired in the parallel running crowdfunding campaign on Startnext.

Get here to the StartNext campaign: StartNext for Wheel2Wall

Over 100 artworks will be on exhibit at Neurotitan

Over 100 artworks will be on exhibit at Neurotitan

With this campaign, Wheel2Wall is supporting the project San Skate in the Dominican Republic. In San Luis, a poor district of the capital Santo Domingo,
San Skate provides skateboarding courses and organizes excursions with children and teenagers living in precarious conditions.
In this way, San Skate brings joy to the kids‘ lives and offers them a new perspective. Unfortunately, the courses have to take place on a basketball
court, and trips to surrounding skate parks are long and expensive. This prompted the idea to build a skate park for San Luis.
In order to finance the project, the Berlin-based agency Knorke has launched the charity exhibition Wheel2Wall. Construction is to be implemented
on site by “Betonlandschaften” – a German group of authorized experts and consultants for bike- and skatepark planning. More than 100 artists agreed
to transform old and new skateboard decks into works of art and then donate them.

There were no limits to style, meaning that a large variety of approaches and techniques such as graffiti, street art, illustration, painting, photography,
and even projection mapping are now represented in the collection. They can be seen in a large exhibition at the end of October before they
find their way into a new home with the happy crowdfunding participants.

All proceeds from the campaign go to the project San Skate. Admission to the exhibition is free.

Neurotitan Gallery
Rosenthaler Straße 39
10178 Berlin

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