Street Art Video: Fintan Magee Mural

How is a Street Art Mural painted on a 13 storey high building? This Street Art Video, showing the Australian artist Fintan Magee painting his Mural “Cycle of Life” that is produced by Arte Creative, is giving the answer.

Making of the Mural “Cycle of life” by Fintan Magee

To paint the mural “Cycle of life” Fintan Magee used chalk to divide the whole wall into squares. He did the same with his sketch that he painted before. With a picture of this sketch on his smart phone he had a little help to copy the artwork square by square so the sketch became a mural.
Neheimer Str. 2 in Berlin Reinickendorf.


Fintan Magees Website

Fintan Magee on Facebook

Fintan Magee on Instagram


72Jumps, Graffiti Movie from Berlin Part 1

72Jumps, Graffiti Movie from Berlin Part 2

Even when the Graffiti Movie 72Jumps got already released in 2013, it is definitely worth to be mentioned here. Starting with video sequence by Berlin Oldshoolers it shows about 40 Writers in 40 actions. 72 parts, in 175 min pure action will show you some Berlins finest Graffiti, mainly Train Bombing. Some of you will probably recognize a few of them, like:

Bernd, Buzz, Chaz, Cluk, Dream, Doozy, Fach, Fly, Fis, Fino, Funk, Grab, Hoby, Ikam, Kimo, Kiks, Lash, Lasr, Life, Mack, Nero, Nore, Reak, Rokz, Sekz, Shade, Skob, Stereo, Tour, Trik, Way, Woks, Wzrtx and Zeko.

And the Crews:

Support the 72 Jumps Berlin Graffiti Movie

Making a Graffiti documentary is hard work for the writers and the people people producing the Film, they work with limited budget, they are not Hollywood. If you want to support the 72 Jumps team to enjoy more Graffiti entertainment in future, or you just want the movie in better quality and with English or Spanish subtitles you can buy the DVD directly on their website:

Website of 72 Jumps Graffiti from Berlin


Herakut Street Art Mural in Berlin

New Herakut Mural in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

After the Street Art couple Herakut, composed of: Hera (Jasmin Siddiqui) and Akut (Falk Lehmann) painted the Mural Monkey See, Monkey Do in 2013, located in Berlin Friedrichshain, the Streets of Berlin became one Mural richer. The newest Artwork by Herakut in Berlin can be found on the fire wall of Heinrich Böll Library the Greifswalder Str. 87, 10409 Berlin.

Herakut Street Art Mural in Berlin

Of course Streetart Berlin used the chance to catch some impressions of the making of the Herakut Mural.

Herakut Street Art Mural in Berlin

The Mural showing a mother with her two children. The famous sentence by Martin Luther: “Even if I knew that the world ended tomorrow, I’d plant an apple tree today” (“Wenn ich wüsste, dass die Welt morgen untergeht, würde ich heute einen Apfelbaum pflanzen.”) and its translation in 20 different languages is decorating the dress of the mother.

Herakut Street Art Mural in Berlin


Herakut Street Art Mural in Berlin


Website of Herakut

Herakut on Facebook


Johannes Mundinger, born in 1982 in Offenburg (Germany), is an important actor in the Berlin based urban art scene since 2011. After he finished his studies in  Münster and Brussels he decided to resident in Berlin and to take part in it´s prosperering street art and urban art culture. While he shared his art with the city and was awarded the jury price of the Berliner Kunstverein, his works had been shown by the Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, the Museum Weserburg, Bremen and the Freiburger Kunstverein. Since 2012 he is one of the resident artists of the Urban Spree Gallery, Berlin.
At Urban Spree Gallery would his upcoming solo exhibition take place and Street Art Berlin was allowed to attend Johannes Mundinger during his mural painting there and to do exclusive shots of him at the wall.

His new mural is part of his exhibition with the title BELOW THE FOG (original German title: UNTERM NEBEL).

About the main intention of his show, Johannes Mundinger stated as follows:

“The impressions we have aren´t reliable, it was a lifetime ago and now we have vague feelings of atmospheres, colours and smells; everything else remains inside a dense fog that psychiatry calls the consciousness.

There are a few images that remain in our memory, from our early years we don’t remember them but they form us. Our behaviours, our personalities and our lives all rely on those things we think we have forgotten.

Mundinger uses these fragments that are left, he plays with these early influences of images blurring into memories addressing the canvas as if he would recall a moment locked in his own mind capsule.
Mundinger plays with the repetition of reality as every painter does yet he explores intuitive gestures and unconscious sequences that gives a detached feeling to the works and allows the viewer to play with their own set of aesthetic beliefs.”

See below the impression that Street Art Berlin got during the mural painting in Berlin:

The paintings of Johannes Mundinger oscillate between abstraction and figuration, the installation of his work is often determined through site-specific elements, which function as integral aspects of his paintings.



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Beside the repairing and extending of her mural located in the heart of Berlin (our post here about Alice’s Mural), AliCé aka Alice Pasquini also left her footprints in form the little Streetart treasures inform of her graphic novels that we are used to see when she was in town. We are really happy that she came back and made Berlins Streetart scene a little richer and the streets of Berlins more beautiful again.

Alice Pasquin - Dog - Streetart in Berlin 2015


Alice Pasquin - Dog - Streetart Berlin 2015


Falling Close - Alice Pasquini Streetart in Berlin 2015Falling Girl - Alice Pasquini Streetart in Berlin 2015

Streetart by Alice Pasquini in Berlin 2015

Alice seemed to work more and more freehand style than stencil compared to her last stays to Berlin, the evolution of her as an Streetartist became clear visible, again. But she stayed true to her older works when it is about the motives she painted: young girls and of course the dog. Also the things that she painted stay similar to things that could need a little love: like house entrances that already looked pretty dirty and bombed with graffiti, trash bins or things that will be disappeared soon like telephone boxes.

Alice Pasquini Girl Streetart in Berlin 2015Alice Pasquini painting Streetart in Berlin 2015

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Alias Fragments Solo Show - Street Art Berlin

Berlin based Street Artist Alias & Open Walls Gallery are inviting to Alias new exhibition “Fragments“. It is the first solo show since 5 years.

When one of the most established Berlin Street Artist is inviting to his first solo-show since 5 years there is almost no way to ignore the invitation. And now, you can officially feel invited!

Alias – Fragments Solo Show: When and Where?!

The Show is hosted by Open Walls and will take place in the gallery which is located at Stattbad Wedding (Gerichtsstr.65 13347 Berlin).

The Vernissage and “Opening Ceremony” will be on March the 26th from 19.00 to 22.00 o’clock.

The exhibition will be open afterwards from Wednesday to Saturday from 13.00 to 19.00 o’clock

Here is the official link to the exhibition.

Alias on Facebook

Alias on Instagram

Alias on Tumblr

Alias on Flickr & Our Flickr Folder showing works of Alias


In the drizzling and quiet night from Thursday the 11th to Friday the 12th of December 2014 the Streetart Murals by BLU (our older Posts),  located at the “Curvybrache” at Curvystr. in Berlin Kreuzberg (you could also see it from the Oberbaumbridge), got erased. Covered completly with black paint.

Who painted over BLUs Murals? And why did the Streetart Icon of Berlin, got erased and painted all over in black?

There was long fight about the area in the Curvystr. infront of the BLU artworks. It was the last access point for the Berliners to the Spree (the only riverside in the city of Berlin) and the Streetart Giants together with masses of Graffiti made the location even more popular. This area got bought by an Jewisch investor, Mr. Artur Suesskind. “Favellas of Berlin” was the new name for an Occupy Camp made out of tents and little self build houses. By squatting the “Curvybrache” and organizing concerts, party and so on, the people have been fighting for the preservation of the open space to show: “That is our city. We have to live here, we want to decide about our city. And it can be so much more than another shopping center.” After a while it became more and more people living there: homeless people, refugees, hobos and so on… in the end almost 150 people lived there “permanently”. “Randomely” the camp got burned down short before the investor, security and police “cleaned and closed” the area. The fight on sight was lost.

An petition that already counted over 7000 signatures to save the murals through monument protection came to late, obviously. In the night from Thursday to Friday a bunch of people started turning up with cherry pickers and black paint. It was dark and drizzling, not a lot of people realized what was going on. You know the rest of the story.

And here the emergence od the Artwork in cooperation with J.R. (J.R. uses Posters, the glasses got added by BLU after the poster where gone through the weather conditions)


- Video and Pictures by

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"The Joker" - Streetart by Otto Schade (Osch) in Berlin

The London based Streetartist Otto Schade („Osch”, short for O tto SCH ade) visited Berlin for a few times and we met with him again to document the production of his great Streetart works: Some high detailed, filligran, complex, precisely sprayed, a demonstration for the proficiency of his craft – some simple but sophisticated, in a clever provoking humor.
And to make our colorful trip even better we also invited him to visit and paint on the former NSA listening station Teufelsberg (Devils Hill) in Berlin that has been in use during the cold war.

Otto Schade and his new Streetart-Works in Berlin

It almost seems to become an tradition: On his latest stay Otto Schade was visiting “Haus Schwarzenberg” again. The traces he left a more than obvious: “The Joker” (photo above), an artwork showing the face of a vicious clown sprayed in Ottos typical style, is probably the most impressive and well-elaborated artwork we have seen in Berlin ever.

Since a few days his artwork “Cop a Load“, showing a child shiting into a police helmet, can also be found at the entrance tunnel of „Haus Schwarzenberg”:

Cop a Load- Streetart by Otto Schade (Osch) in Berlin (Baby shits in Police Helmet)

Streetartist Otto Schade hits Teufelsberg Berlin

The next day, we met up with him to discover the former “NSA Listening Station” on Teufelsberg Berlin (Devils Hill). After it has been in use during the Cold War it was turned into an „Open-Air-Gallery“ a few years ago. The history, architecture and of course its history, make the Teufelsberg to one of the most unique Graffiti and Streetart Hotspots that can be found in Germany, maybe even Europe. Up on Teufelsberg Otto painted 2 more Streetart Works on old rusty containers:
Cop for a Load” for a second time:

Otto Schade (Osch) painting "Cop a load" Streetart at Berlin Teufelsberg:

and “Godfather of the Streets II“:Otto Schade aka Osch: The New Godfather of the Street" on Berlin Teufelsberg

right next to each other. The “Godfather of the Streets II“, is an side profile portrait in black and white showing “The Godfather” Don Vito Corleone), who was played by Marlon Brando.

A few years ago, he already paid tribute to the Machiavellian “Godfather” and the legendary Mafia movie of the same name by painting the world famous portrait of Don Vito Corleone in Otto Schades typical style. For those of you who don’t know the film, it is maybe worth highlighting that the black and white artworks Otto has done of the “Godfather” are getting more intense because it has been a Black and White movie, just like this artworks are:

Otto Schade (aka Osch): "The Godtather of the Street" Streetart Work in Berlin


Website of Otto Schade

Otto Schade on Facebook

Our Flickr Folder with lots of Streetartworks by Otto Schade in Berlin


Shepard Fairey – New Mural and Streetart in Berlin

Make Love Not War Streetart Mural by Shepard Fairey aka Obey in Berlin

More than 10 years ago, he had been to Berlin before and compared to today, almost nobody realized it. But today he is one of the most famous Streetartists in the whole world, beside Banksy and Space Invader: Shepard Fairey. And he came back to Berlin again. After Shepard Fairey finally finished his great “Make Love – Not War” Mural yesterday in Berlin-Kreuzberg, we had to have a look, and of course to take some photos for you, of the first new works in the City of Berlin since he was at the first Backjumps Exhibition in 2003 (check out our older post of the Banksy Work: Every Picture tells a lie, that also could be found in the exhibition).

Make Love Not War Streetart Mural by Shepard Fairey aka Obey in Berlin

Make Love Not War Streetart Mural by Shepard Fairey aka Obey in Berlin

This Andre the Giant Poster can be found near Alexanderplatz (at the Soho House)

Shepard Fairey aka. Obey - Andre The Giant - Streetart Berlin

Shepard Fairey aka. Obey - Andre The Giant - Streetart Berlin

The Peace Dove can be found near Alexanderplatz above the famous RSQ Crew (companions of FICK crew)

Poster showing a Peace Dove by Shepard Fairey (Obey)


Poster showing a Peace Dove by Shepard Fairey (Obey)

Short Bio of Shepard Fairey:

The Streetartist, Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Skater (Frank) Shepard Fairey ( aka as Obey, because of his famous “Obey” slogan) was born in 02.15.1970 in Charleston, South Carolina in the USA. He studied and graduated with a Bachelor of “Fine Arts” in the year 1992.

As a youngster Shepard Fairey used to be a Skate Border and also worked in a Skate Bord Shop. His passion for Skateboarding and Art in this time was the main reason that he started doing T-Shirts for the Skater-Scene and of course his paste ups, that got spread all around.

His works are usually containing the works Black, White and Red and could be described as a mix of graffiti propaganda pop art.


OBEY, Andre the Giant – has a posse

The Streetart pieces that are (probably, maybe) showing the graphic of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) star Andre the Giant, sometimes in combination with the word OBEY are part of the Streetart campaign: “Andre the Giant has a Posse” that made him to one of the most known Streetartists he became. The picture that has was simply cut out of a newspaper was used for the first time in 1989. It was changed in a propaganda, stencil, trademark style and combined often with new slogans like: “Giant”, “Obey” or “You Are Under Surveillance”. The people in the skating scene loved the confusion of the posters in the mix of the authority the Wrestler and the posters tried to practice the anti authority, the autonomy being the action and being of the poster. It didn’t really needed more than to get spread to create an own message. “The media is the message”. And the Streetart campaign seems to work the same way advertisement and propaganda does and became a big mirror to these “phenomenon” and demystified them.

“He’s kind of advertising, but he’s advertising, nothing” -Carlo McCormick.

After a while, the pastings crossed the borders of the skating scene and the posters started appearing everywhere in big city’s of the United States. The pastings became an experiment in phenomenology (how he calls it), and then a part of his success and of course: A world wide famous trademark.

“The real message behind most of my work is question everything” – Shepard Fairey

HOPE – The Barack Obama Hope Poster

The next big step in his career was the poster showing a portrait of Barack Obama in a vector style with slogan: “Hope” in the year 2008. Today probably every human in the first world has seen the artwork at least once. After Barack Obama had won the election he personally thanked Shepared Fairey, the letter started with the sentences:

“I would like to thank you for using your talent in support of my campaign. The political messages involved in your work have encouraged Americans to believe they can change the status-quo. Your images have a profound effect on people, whether seen in a gallery or on a stop sign. I am privileged to be a part of your artwork and proud to have your support. I wish you continued success and creativity.” – Barack Obama, 02.22.2008

“Exit Through the Gift Shop”

In March (UK) and April (USA) Banksys Streetart Movie “Exit through the Gift Shop” was released. Featuring Streetart Stars like Sweef Toof, Cyclops, SWOON, Space Invader, André and so on. Now Streetart became known to people who never had any contact to Streetart before. And the artist, including Shepard Fairey had a new platform to show and explain what (and why) they are doing.

“Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart”

Exit Through the Kwik-E-Mart is the fifteenth episode of the 23th season of The Simpsons that was aired in 03.04.2012. Here, you should take a look for yourself!


This is really just a short Background of what Shepard Fairey has accomplished in his life. Fore more infos ask the big brother Google or check out our links.

Website od Shepard Fairey: Obey Giant – Worldwide

Shepard Fairey on Facebook

Shepard Fairey (OBEYGIANT) on Twitter

Flickr Folder of Shepard Faireys Streetart in Berlin


StreetartBLN can’t be prove that the links showing on our posts are correctly and legal.


Converse Photo Clash in Berlin

Converse has hosted the second part of their Sneakers Clash Campaign yesterday – The Photo Clash. Yesterday, and until Saturday you have the possibility to get your photos “hacked” by a selection of the freshest Streetartists that currently are in town. You can send your own photos via twitter (#clashmyphoto, @converse), bring a photo with you to the event or use the photo booth on site, to get it turned into a personalized artwork, for FREE. The photos will be displayed until Saturday, before they get send to their new proud owners.

Converse Photo Clash in Berlin

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